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Flat Film Extrusion Organic Fertilizer Equipment Flat Film Extrusion Organic Fertilizer Equipment Flat Film Extrusion Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Flat Film Extrusion Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Specification: Items Indexes Water insoluble (analysis basis) ≤10% Moisture...
  • Flat Die Fertilizer Pelletizer Machine for Organic
  • Organice Fertilizer Machine
  • 380V(Customized)
  • 22-75kw
  • Making Fertilizer Granules
  • Flat Die Press (Extrusion/Extruder) Gradulation
  • Ball/Cylinder Shape
  • 3-7ton/Hour

Product Details

Product Name:Flat Die Fertilizer Pelletizer Machine for Organic Application:Organice Fertilizer Machine
Voltage:380V(Customized) Power:22-75kw
Usage:Making Fertilizer Granules Machine Type:Flat Die Press (Extrusion/Extruder) Gradulation
Granules Shapes:Ball/Cylinder Shape Machine Capacity:3-7ton/Hour
Raw Material:Kinds of Organic Material After-Sales Service Provided:After-Sales Service Provided
Trademark:tianci Transport Package:Container
Specification:8300*3500*3300(customized) Origin:Zhengzhou, China
HS Code:8479820090

Product Description




Water insoluble (analysis basis)




Humic acid (analysis basis)


Kalium (analysis basis)


Suppression index (express by relative expansion degree RSR)



(1) It has high content NPK and abundant nutrient. It can be dissolved in water speedly and has high fertilizer efficiency.

(2) It has NPK and all kinds of trace element.

(3) It has no impurities and no pollution to the environment. It is safe and high efficient to the plants.

(4) It can save water, fertilizer and labour. It can resist disease and increase the yield.

Recommendation for use:

1. Water flush or Drip irrigation: Dilute by 500-1000 times for at rooting stage , apply 15-30L / Ha , Drip water 5 miutes after drip the solution
2. Foliar spray: Dilute by 500-800 times , forliar spray the back and forth of the leaves and whole plant.
3. Apply at least 3-4 times suitable for all plant during the whole growth period ,.apply intervals should be 10-15days or so
4. Increase or decrease the dosage and frequency according to the local climate, soil conditions, crops and fertilization level

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